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The types of hydraulic cylinders
From 2000 year, HC has operated many types of hydraulic cylinders. Here I’d like to summarize them.
The type of hydraulic cylinder
The most popular hydraulic cylinders: double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders have many series as follows: square hydraulic cylinder, round hydraulic cylinder, light hydraulic cylinder, heavy hydraulic cylinder, self-locking hydraulic cylinder, proximity switches cylinder, metallurgical equipment cylinder and Custom hydraulic cylinder.
We also sold a large number of single-acting hydraulic cylinders in 10 years. The most hydraulic cylinders dimensions are according to buyers’ requests.
In 10 years, HC Hydraulic Cylinder Co., Ltd has our own designing standards for different sizes of hydraulic cylinders.
There are two main designing methods:
1.    Draw bar hydraulic cylinder: this type hydraulic cylinder is widely used in industry factories. Small cylinder barrel always have 4 screws but large cylinder barrel may need 16-20. People can separate the hydraulic cylinder if broke down.
2.    Welded hydraulic cylinder: there is no screw in welded hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder barrel and bottom welded together, the same as glib. The former rod cap is always across or connected to cylinder barrel by screw. In this way, user can separate the piston, rod and seals directly.
Welded hydraulic cylinders have many advantages than draw bar hydraulic cylinders. This cylinder barrel usually narrower and length is shorter, so it makes machine spare parts connection much easier. In addition, because there is no tie rod, it won’t appear the phenomenon that caused by tie rod break down in high pressure or stroke is too long condition.
Due to welded hydraulic cylinders’ surface is very smooth, and are good ways to design multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. Welded hydraulic cylinders are widely used in every field. For example, construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers and graders), cargo equipment (truck, lift gate) and heavy-industry equipment (crane, oil rig, ORV) and so on.
The types of hydraulic cylinders
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Good news!

Yesterday, a number of small hydraulic cylinders has complete the production and exported to England at first time. The hydraulic cylinders dimensions are 30-10-195mm, and 35-16-125mm. they are not only showing good appearance, but also tested up to standard.

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Hydraulic cylinder maker
HC is a Chinese hydraulic cylinder maker which is located in China mould town. It is established in 2000. And HC is a very traditional hydraulic cylinder maker. From 2000, HC has started the cooperation with England company—Hallite, which is very famous of its seals for hydraulic cylinder. Until 2003, HC hydraulic cylinder maker has got a lot of knowledge and technologies for hydraulic cylinder.
In the end of 2003, HC has established the company hydraulic cylinder standard for all kinds of hydraulic cylinder according to their functions. And meanwhile, HC hydraulic cylinder maker develop new products. In 2008, HC hydraulic cylinder maker realize the turnover USD 16.8 million, has become the biggest hydraulic cylinder maker in China.  Up to this year, HC hydraulic cylinder maker has got a great achievement. Self-locking hydraulic cylinder which is with most advantages than normal hydraulic cylinder has a good selling market all over the world. Because of its best quality and competitive price, also with best service, self-locking hydraulic cylinder got into a higher realm. HC hydraulic cylinder maker will try their best to satisfy customers’ requests and continue to develop new products in the future.
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Hydraulic Cylinder Selection and Maintenance
The hydraulic cylinder is mainly composed of the cylinder bore, rod, piston and cylinder head and end, seals, accessories and so on. And the cylinder bore, rod and piston is known as 3 major item of hydraulic cylinder.
The effection of hydraulic cylinder quality mainly to have three factors: designer experience, processing quality, use and maintenance.
A rich experience designer design hydraulic cylinders, must know the following parameters: (a). bore, rod and stroke dimensions (b). working pressure or oil cylinder loading (C). the temperature of working environment (d). work medium (e). Speed (f). other parameters, such as connecting forms and the ibore, rod and stroke of installment should better according to national standards or other standards, try best to avoid choosing non-standard sizes, or it will be difficulter in processing manufacturing cost.
The guide length is based on the stroke. And according to the working pressure or loading to checking the strength of cylinder, the piston rod, the screw, etc.
At the same time, work pressure, temperature, working medium and speed are the key to choose the seals. The different types of seals can bear different pressure, temperature, working medium and speed, water-glycol medium (HFC) can't use polyurethane sealing, can only use rubber seal; Sliping type seals is always used for rapid speed hydraulic cylinder, like Lancaster closure, Georgia to circle, GD1000K, TDI. Slower speed can use Yx type, U type, V type combined seals, etc.; Under the environment of high temperature and high pressure we should use fluoro rubber seals; Fast operation must considere useing cushion collar, cushion valve.
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1. the hardening (aging) - a seal in which divulging reason is because the itself material hardens by the temperature effect, when degree of hardness is excessively high, the seal cannot fill and coordinate between the components the gap, will have divulging.   
2. the attrition - seal's attrition involves the coordinate components the surface smooth finish, the velocity of movement and the transmission media and so on, the different packing material adapts the different velocity of movement.   
3. squeezes out -, when seal with standing oversized pressure will be squeezed out to the metal gap, the damage seal produces divulging, this kind of situation will involve the seal degree of hardness and the metal gap to be whether oversized, if in design, shaping, the processing or installs processes improper, can appear squeezes out the damage.   
4. the corrosion - displays the situation is the seal conditioning even dissolves, the reason is the seal by the media invasion, selects when the material has the mistake. If time media watery or resolver wants the special attention.
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1. the heading - prerequisite decides the seal institute in the position heading, for example reciprocation, revolving, screw or fixed.   
2. the seal key - for example decision spot is seals or the active spot in the inside diameter tension bar is seals and so on the outer diameter piston.   
3. the temperature rank - from the original factory machinery operating instructions consult or according to the practical work environment appraisal operating temperature, decided that must use the material. Related temperature rank's showing may refer to the following production user matters needing attention.   
4. the pressure rating - from the original factory machinery operating instructions consult related data, or through observes original seal soft degree of hardness and the structure inference working pressure rank, related pressure rating's showing may refer to the following production user matters needing attention.   
5. the size dimension - most users can according to having used the old sample select and purchase, but seal after using period of time, by factors and so on temperature, pressure and attrition affects largely its original size, will choose according to sample can only take a reference, a better method will measure the seal institute in the positionThe metal trough size, the accuracy will be high.
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The reasons and elimination methods of movement speed can not reach the predetermined value:
1. the output oil of Hydraulic pump is enough
Methods to the reference books related content.
2. the leakage of Hydraulic cylinder into fuel oil
Elimination method:
(1) ruled out pipeline leak;
(2) check valve and relief valve cone seating, such as the seals is bad and produce leakage, make the oil to be automatically flowed back to tank.
3. Hydraulic cylinder of internal and external leakage seriously, of which the main causes of internal leakage.
Elimination method see this section "hydraulic cylinder of leakage".
4. Movement speed with the position of the trip and different decline, owing to suppress the strength in cylinder make motion resistance increased.
Elimination method: improve parts processing precision (just the hole of cylinder cylindricity) and assembly quality.
5. on the way of hydraulic oil back, the pipeline resistance pressure drop and back pressure resistance is too big, the pressure oil from the relief valve to return to tank overflow, makes the speed can not reach the requirements.
Elimination method:
(1), return pipe road should not be too thin, pipe diameter should according to the tube for general flow 3 ~ 4 m/s calculate and determine the;
(2), reduce pipeline crooked;
(3), back pressure cannot too high.
6. the internal of hydraulic cylinder congested and elimination damping method: dismantle the cleaning.
7. use accumulator to realize rapidly movement, speed can not reach the demand the reason may be the accumulator pressure and capacity are not enough.
Elimination method: to check calculation again. The hydraulic cylinder movement speed can not reach the predetermined value is one of the important reasons for the flow supply, this often related to pump return circuit.
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The hydraulic ram, people pay little note about it  in the automobile, the agriculture machine and so on motor vehicle's small spare part, however it  is precisely small fitting, actually becomes modern of  pillar industry.   
The hydraulic cylinder is one kind of implementing agency. The hydrauliccylinder generally by the cylinder body, the cylinder pole (connecting rod) and the seal is composed, the cylinder body interior divides into two parts by the piston, passes an oil hole separately. Because the liquid compression ratio is very small, when therefore an oil hole enters time the oil, the piston will be impelled to enable another oil hole to leave the oil, the piston leads the connecting rod to do stretches out (retracts) the movement, otherwise still.   
Hydraulic transmission principle: Takes the actuating medium by the fat liquor, transmits the movement through the seal volume's change, transmits the power through the fat liquor internal pressure.   
1st, power section: Transforms prime mover's mechanical energy for the fat liquor pressure energy (hydraulic pressure can). For example: Hydraulic pump.   
2nd, operative paragraph: Transforms the hydraulic pump input's fat liquor pressure energy to lead the operating mechanism the mechanical energy. For example: Hydraulic ram, oil motor.   
3rd, control section: Uses for to control and the adjustment fat liquor pressure, the current capacity and the flow direction. For example: Pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve.   
4th, auxiliary body: Front three parts will connect in together, composes a system, plays stores roles and so on oil, filtration, survey and seal. For example: Pipeline and attachment, fuel tank, filter, accumulator, seal and control instrument and so on.   
The hydraulic ram principle of work the pressure which a spot exerts willfully on certain volume's liquid, can the size equally to each direction transmission. This means that when uses many hydraulic rams, each hydraulic ram will pull according to the respective speed or pushes, but these speeds are decided the pressure which needs in the motion load. In the hydraulic ram bearing capacity scope same situation, the load bearing minimum load's hydraulic ram will first move, the load bearing biggest load's hydraulic ram will move finally. In order to cause the hydraulic ram synchronization movement, achieves the load to go against in any spot by the identical speed rises, certainly must use the control valve or the synchronization in the system goes against rises the system element.
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Hydraulic fluid quality quality, is not only interfering with engineering machinery's normal work, will create  the major damageto the hydraulic system spare part.
First, hydraulic fluid moisture content distinction   
1st, ocular estimate estimation by eye: If the fluid oil assumes the cream color opacitas shape, then in the explanation fat liquor includes the massive moisture contents.   
2nd, combustion method: With pure, the dry cotton yarn moistens the little examination the fat liquor, then lights with the fire it. If discovers the blasting open sound or the flash sign flip-flop, then in the explanation fluid oil includes many moisture contents.   
Second, hydraulic fluid foreign inclusion distinction   
1st, feeling view distinction: In the fat liquor has the obvious metal pellet suspension, twists pinches when the immediate knowledge tiny pellet existence with the finger; Under illumination, if has the reflection flash point, then the explanation hydraulic element wore seriously; If the fuel tank base precipitation has the massive sweepings, then explained that the main oil pump or the motor wore seriously.   
2nd, warming distinction: May put, in the dry test tube regarding the viscosity low hydraulic fluid to heat up the elevation of temperature purely directly. If discovered that in the test tube the fat liquor presents the precipitation or the suspension, then in the explanation fat liquor included the mechanical impurity.   
3rd, filter paper distinction: Regarding viscosity high hydraulic fluid, after available pure gasoline dilution, then uses the clean filter paper to carry on the filtration. If discovered that on the filter paper preserves the massive mechanical impurities (metal powder), then the explanation hydraulic element wore seriously.   
4: Sound distinction: If the entire hydraulic system has big, the noise and the vibration off and on, simultaneously the main oil pump sends out “humming sound” sound, even presents the connecting rod “crawling” the phenomenon, observed the fuel tank liquid level by now, the drill tubing export or the transparent liquidometer, will discover the massive froths. This kind of situation showed that the hydraulic fluid has plunged the massive air.   
Third, hydraulic fluid viscosity change distinction:   
1st, glass plate tilter: Takes a clean glass plate, its level laying aside, and will be measured that a hydraulic pressure oil dripping drop on the glass, simultaneously again drops drop of standard hydraulic fluid in side (same trademark new product hydraulic fluid), then inclines the glass plate, and pays attention to the observation: If were measured that the fat liquor the speed of flow and the flowing are away from are bigger than the standard fat liquor, then explained that its ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor is low, otherwise, then explained that its ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor is high.   
2nd, glass jar inversion law: The hydraulic pressure fat liquor which and the standard fat liquor measured distinguishes abundantly (do not install too fully) in two sizes and the length same clear-glass bottle, uses the plug to block again two bottle mouths. Two bottles lays aside abreast in row in together, then at the same time rapidly two bottles of inversions. If were measured that the hydraulic fluid rises quickly in bottle air bubble compared to the standard fat liquor's in bottle air bubble, then the showing fat liquor's ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor viscosity is low, otherwise, then the showing fat liquor ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor viscosity is high; If two kind of fat liquor air bubble rise's speed is close, then the showing viscosity is also similar
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Mainly has three points:   
First, is the hydraulic machinery should maintain clean frequently,
to prevent the dust sundry goods to fall into the fat liquor, the fuel tank should cap the seal.   
Second, is in fuel tank's fat liquor should act according to the working condition regular replacement. When trades the oil,
should the contamination impurity which accumulates the fuel tank base remove, is clean the fuel tank clean.   
Third, is the hydraulic oil, the oil drum must establish in the clean security place, strengthens the management.
Uses the oil drum, the oil filter machine, the oil funnel, the drill tubing and so on should maintain clean.
The shipping hydraulic fluid's oil drum must clean beforehand cleanly,
the oil drum must special-purpose, do not be promiscuous with other oil drums.
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