Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinders

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Modern pillar industry:hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic ram, people pay little note about it  in the automobile, the agriculture machine and so on motor vehicle's small spare part, however it  is precisely small fitting, actually becomes modern of  pillar industry.   
The hydraulic cylinder is one kind of implementing agency. The hydrauliccylinder generally by the cylinder body, the cylinder pole (connecting rod) and the seal is composed, the cylinder body interior divides into two parts by the piston, passes an oil hole separately. Because the liquid compression ratio is very small, when therefore an oil hole enters time the oil, the piston will be impelled to enable another oil hole to leave the oil, the piston leads the connecting rod to do stretches out (retracts) the movement, otherwise still.   
Hydraulic transmission principle: Takes the actuating medium by the fat liquor, transmits the movement through the seal volume's change, transmits the power through the fat liquor internal pressure.   
1st, power section: Transforms prime mover's mechanical energy for the fat liquor pressure energy (hydraulic pressure can). For example: Hydraulic pump.   
2nd, operative paragraph: Transforms the hydraulic pump input's fat liquor pressure energy to lead the operating mechanism the mechanical energy. For example: Hydraulic ram, oil motor.   
3rd, control section: Uses for to control and the adjustment fat liquor pressure, the current capacity and the flow direction. For example: Pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve.   
4th, auxiliary body: Front three parts will connect in together, composes a system, plays stores roles and so on oil, filtration, survey and seal. For example: Pipeline and attachment, fuel tank, filter, accumulator, seal and control instrument and so on.   
The hydraulic ram principle of work the pressure which a spot exerts willfully on certain volume's liquid, can the size equally to each direction transmission. This means that when uses many hydraulic rams, each hydraulic ram will pull according to the respective speed or pushes, but these speeds are decided the pressure which needs in the motion load. In the hydraulic ram bearing capacity scope same situation, the load bearing minimum load's hydraulic ram will first move, the load bearing biggest load's hydraulic ram will move finally. In order to cause the hydraulic ram synchronization movement, achieves the load to go against in any spot by the identical speed rises, certainly must use the control valve or the synchronization in the system goes against rises the system element.
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