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The types of hydraulic cylinders

The types of hydraulic cylinders
From 2000 year, HC has operated many types of hydraulic cylinders. Here I’d like to summarize them.
The type of hydraulic cylinder
The most popular hydraulic cylinders: double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders have many series as follows: square hydraulic cylinder, round hydraulic cylinder, light hydraulic cylinder, heavy hydraulic cylinder, self-locking hydraulic cylinder, proximity switches cylinder, metallurgical equipment cylinder and Custom hydraulic cylinder.
We also sold a large number of single-acting hydraulic cylinders in 10 years. The most hydraulic cylinders dimensions are according to buyers’ requests.
In 10 years, HC Hydraulic Cylinder Co., Ltd has our own designing standards for different sizes of hydraulic cylinders.
There are two main designing methods:
1.    Draw bar hydraulic cylinder: this type hydraulic cylinder is widely used in industry factories. Small cylinder barrel always have 4 screws but large cylinder barrel may need 16-20. People can separate the hydraulic cylinder if broke down.
2.    Welded hydraulic cylinder: there is no screw in welded hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder barrel and bottom welded together, the same as glib. The former rod cap is always across or connected to cylinder barrel by screw. In this way, user can separate the piston, rod and seals directly.
Welded hydraulic cylinders have many advantages than draw bar hydraulic cylinders. This cylinder barrel usually narrower and length is shorter, so it makes machine spare parts connection much easier. In addition, because there is no tie rod, it won’t appear the phenomenon that caused by tie rod break down in high pressure or stroke is too long condition.
Due to welded hydraulic cylinders’ surface is very smooth, and are good ways to design multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. Welded hydraulic cylinders are widely used in every field. For example, construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers and graders), cargo equipment (truck, lift gate) and heavy-industry equipment (crane, oil rig, ORV) and so on.
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