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Distinction hydraulic fluid quality

Hydraulic fluid quality quality, is not only interfering with engineering machinery's normal work, will create  the major damageto the hydraulic system spare part.
First, hydraulic fluid moisture content distinction   
1st, ocular estimate estimation by eye: If the fluid oil assumes the cream color opacitas shape, then in the explanation fat liquor includes the massive moisture contents.   
2nd, combustion method: With pure, the dry cotton yarn moistens the little examination the fat liquor, then lights with the fire it. If discovers the blasting open sound or the flash sign flip-flop, then in the explanation fluid oil includes many moisture contents.   
Second, hydraulic fluid foreign inclusion distinction   
1st, feeling view distinction: In the fat liquor has the obvious metal pellet suspension, twists pinches when the immediate knowledge tiny pellet existence with the finger; Under illumination, if has the reflection flash point, then the explanation hydraulic element wore seriously; If the fuel tank base precipitation has the massive sweepings, then explained that the main oil pump or the motor wore seriously.   
2nd, warming distinction: May put, in the dry test tube regarding the viscosity low hydraulic fluid to heat up the elevation of temperature purely directly. If discovered that in the test tube the fat liquor presents the precipitation or the suspension, then in the explanation fat liquor included the mechanical impurity.   
3rd, filter paper distinction: Regarding viscosity high hydraulic fluid, after available pure gasoline dilution, then uses the clean filter paper to carry on the filtration. If discovered that on the filter paper preserves the massive mechanical impurities (metal powder), then the explanation hydraulic element wore seriously.   
4: Sound distinction: If the entire hydraulic system has big, the noise and the vibration off and on, simultaneously the main oil pump sends out “humming sound” sound, even presents the connecting rod “crawling” the phenomenon, observed the fuel tank liquid level by now, the drill tubing export or the transparent liquidometer, will discover the massive froths. This kind of situation showed that the hydraulic fluid has plunged the massive air.   
Third, hydraulic fluid viscosity change distinction:   
1st, glass plate tilter: Takes a clean glass plate, its level laying aside, and will be measured that a hydraulic pressure oil dripping drop on the glass, simultaneously again drops drop of standard hydraulic fluid in side (same trademark new product hydraulic fluid), then inclines the glass plate, and pays attention to the observation: If were measured that the fat liquor the speed of flow and the flowing are away from are bigger than the standard fat liquor, then explained that its ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor is low, otherwise, then explained that its ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor is high.   
2nd, glass jar inversion law: The hydraulic pressure fat liquor which and the standard fat liquor measured distinguishes abundantly (do not install too fully) in two sizes and the length same clear-glass bottle, uses the plug to block again two bottle mouths. Two bottles lays aside abreast in row in together, then at the same time rapidly two bottles of inversions. If were measured that the hydraulic fluid rises quickly in bottle air bubble compared to the standard fat liquor's in bottle air bubble, then the showing fat liquor's ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor viscosity is low, otherwise, then the showing fat liquor ratio of viscosities standard fat liquor viscosity is high; If two kind of fat liquor air bubble rise's speed is close, then the showing viscosity is also similar
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