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reason of seals damage

1. the hardening (aging) - a seal in which divulging reason is because the itself material hardens by the temperature effect, when degree of hardness is excessively high, the seal cannot fill and coordinate between the components the gap, will have divulging.   
2. the attrition - seal's attrition involves the coordinate components the surface smooth finish, the velocity of movement and the transmission media and so on, the different packing material adapts the different velocity of movement.   
3. squeezes out -, when seal with standing oversized pressure will be squeezed out to the metal gap, the damage seal produces divulging, this kind of situation will involve the seal degree of hardness and the metal gap to be whether oversized, if in design, shaping, the processing or installs processes improper, can appear squeezes out the damage.   
4. the corrosion - displays the situation is the seal conditioning even dissolves, the reason is the seal by the media invasion, selects when the material has the mistake. If time media watery or resolver wants the special attention. Kewords :