Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Before we talking about hydraulic cylinders we need to know what are hydraulic cylinders?and how do they work?what are they used for?

1.What are hdyraulic cylinders and how do hydraulic cylinders work?

Hydraulic cylinders are actuators that are used to give a single-way force through a single way stroke. They have many applications, particularly used in engineering vehicles.
Hydraulic cylinders get their power from  hydraulic fluid(most of the time it is oil) . The hydraulic cylinders consists of cylinder barrels, It is used to connected with the hydraulic cylinders rods so make the movement realized. The barrel is closed on each end by the cylinder bottom (or cap sometimes called) and by the cylinder head where the piston rod comes out of the cylinder. Basically,there are two oil ports in each hydraulic cylinder for connectiong the pipelines.and the piston which is full blocked inside of the barrel is in the middle of the two ports,so when one port oil come inside of the hydraulic cylinders,and the oil starts to push the piston to move forward,thus the rod moves with the hydraulic cylinders piston which means the object that connected with the rod will move too.And when the piston moves till the end of the barrel,which means the hydraulic cylinders already realized the full stroke,then the other port starts to input oil to push the piston and the rod back to the first place.so will be the object.that's the basic theory of hydraulic cylinders works .

2.What are hydraulic cylinders used for?
Hydraulic cylinders can be used in various fields such as mould、agriculture、construction、machinery、engineering vehicles etc.Almost every place that need to move heavy things,hydraulic cylinders are there.
3.hydraulic cylinders technology
The most important spare parts for hydraulic cylinders are the seals like the o-rings、oil sealing、rod seals etc.because the main tast for hydraulic cylinders is:moving,and the friction comes along,so the quality of the cylinders will directly influence the whole hydraulic cylinders,and that's why most hydraulic cylinders manufacturers will pay very much attention on picking the best cylinder seals supplier.
then the surface roughness,also the same reason,because it moves so much the surface of the hydraulic cylinders inside should be high polished.unless the pistons and the seals will be easily damaged,and if any spare parts failed.it is pretty troublesome to change,because you have to suck all the oil inside out,and replace the seals which is very awlful for every customer to do this.and if when the spare parts is not the standard designed,it will cost longer time to replace it.
4.Hydraulic cylinders brands
One of the best hydraulic cylinders brand on the world is HPS from France,it has really long time experience on this field,and owned a really good reputation in the last a couple of decades,but meanwhile,the price is also very high with a lot of reasons.the level of the customers that using HPS hydraulic cylinders must be very high because for most of Asian companies.its price is very unacceptable.
one of another good hydraulic cylinders manufacturers is HC from China,it is new brand to most of uropean and America countries.but it is very famous brand in China, with its high cost performance and reasonable price.Hc hydraulic cylinders has owned a really high reputation with following reasons:
1.High quanlity,2.Reasonable price 3.Best service,4.various of hydraulic cylinders types.5.various of designing standard to meet all the customers'requirements
5.hydraulic cylinders types
There are many different kinds of hydraulic cylinders,but mainly it can be two big types:single acting hydraulic cylinders and double acting hdyraulic cylinders. single acting means there is only one side that have oil coming inside to push or pull the pistion and the rod,and it use its own weight or spring to realize the back stroke.Double acting hydraulic cylidners means both ports have oil comeing and both side of the piston is pushed or pulled by the oil pressure. if for other classify,there are many cylidners like double pistons hydraulic cylinders、Tandem hydraulic cylinders、multiple-stages hydraulic cylidners etc. Hydraulic cylinders should be used for pushing and pulling only. No bending moments or side loads is allowed to be transmitted to the piston rod or the cylinders. For this reason, This allows the hydraulic actuator to move and allow for any misalignment between the actuator and the load it is pushing.
As the last acting organization of the whole system,hydraulic cylinders are the most important part for a hydraulic system,the feature of a hydraulic cylinders will directly influence the whole system.For this reason,mastering the hydraulic cylinders knowledge is seemed really important and necessary.