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Self-locking cylinder

Self-locking cylinder

HC self-locking cylinder

Since the pressure is too large when many die-casting in feeding, cause the hydraulic cylinder back. HC designed and developed a self-locking cylinder device to solve this problem.
The self-locking cylinder consist of cylinder tube, front housing, back housing, piston and piston rod. The connection of front housing and back housing with the cylinder tube is thread.
HC self-locking cylinder standard bore: 40 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm. The standard length of the piston rod is in 100 mm.
The working principle of self-locking cylinder: Without lock block condition, the self-locking cylinder would not move back. So the self-locking cylinder can bear the pressure form the die casting, and the self-locking cylinder would not move back.
self-locking cylinder

The self-locking cylinder is locked when the oil comes inside form the“S” port. Then the piston moves backward under the oil pressure. The self-locking cylinder will locked automatically. And the self-locking cylinder is unlocked when the oil comes inside from the“R” port.
HC self-locking cylinder advantage:
1.    No extra locking mechanisms
2.    Can bear more than ten tons of pressure
3.    No additional action
4.    Locking point clear
5.    Easy to install
6.    Well-sealed
7.    Well-designed
8.    Custom travel as needed
self-locking cylinder

 HC hydraulic cylinder Co., Ltd has many years of  self-locking cylinder production experience. Using self-locking cylinder can greatly reduce the cost of tooling and processing.
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