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self-lock hydraulic cylinder

Self-lock hydraulic cylinder
 As is known to all, hydraulic cylinder is widely used for every walk of life. And people always use traditional hydraulic cylinder to production and so on.
Here I show our self-lock hydraulic cylinder to everybody. Self-lock hydraulic cylinder is a machine which needs to lift heavy weight without oil pressure. There is a lock nut to hold the piston. And it is much better than traditional hydraulic cylinder.


 Why do I recommend this type hydraulic cylinder to you?
Because: 1. It doesn’t need additional locking mechanism and behavior;
2. It can bear over 10tons power;
3. Clear locks point;
4. Easy installation;
5. Excellent seal;
6. Reasonable design;
7. Stroke will be subject to your request.
 Upon to the above reasons, self-lock hydraulic cylinder is widely used in electricity, structure, machinofacture, mine, Railroad Bridge, shipbuilding and other trades. HC hydraulic cylinder is always popular in its stable performance and reliable quality. And we have won an excellent reputation in international markets. Kewords : self-lock