hydraulic cylinder seal installation

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hydraulic cylinder seal installation

It is very important how to instal hydraulic cylinder.but it is also particularly important for hydraulic cylinder seal installation because sealing is the main point for cylinders. so today,we are going to talk about the attentions we should pay for hydraulic cylinder seal installation.


here let’s talk about the five seals installation hydraulic cylinder:

1.hydraulic cylinder piston seals installation:

When installing the seal on the piston, turn the seal several times to set it on the piston before putting into the hydraulic cyliner. Why? Seals are made to fit the piston tightly. Most owners create scratches and gouges on the piston securement dovetail-button. This creates the piston to now be bigger and the seal fits tighter or bows out. Turning the seal to make it fit flush is easier than removing it.  

 hydraulic cylinder common troubleshooting for hydraulic cylinder seal installation

a.The piston rod  in the hydraulic cylinder can’t move
1.no enough pressure inside of the hydraulic cylinder,the oil in the system can’t go inside of the cylinder

2.The direction of the changing valve hasn’t been changed.

3.No oil from the hydraulic system or has oil but no pressure for the oil

 4.Somthing wrong with the hydraulic system,especially the pump or the relief valve

5.There are leakage happen very bad.loosen between the piston and the piston rod,or the seal damaged very bad.

 hydraulic cylinder seal installation

b.The pressure in the cylinder can’t meet the required rate.hydraulic cylinder seal installation

1.Aged of the hydraulic cylinder seals components,or fuction losing,or even the opposite installation of the seal lip or the seal has been damaged.

2.The piston rod is damaged.

3.The pressure of the hydraulic system is too low.

4.Something wrong with the pressure adjust valve.

5.The flux that go through the hydraulic cylinder is too low,so as when the leakage is getting bigger which cause no enough flux ,and eventually will cause the cylinders with no enough pressure.

 c.What should we do when the piston rod can’t move for hydraulic cylinder seal installation?

1.Explace the hydraulic cylinder seal and instal correctly

2.Explace the hydraulic cylinder piston rod

3.Adjust the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder until meet the required rate.

4.Check the reason for hydraulic cylinder leaking and troubleshoot it.

5.The flux through the adjusting valve must be bigger than the inside leaking flux.hydraulic cylinder seal installation

Here are the information for different hydraulic cylinder seal installation ways.

any suggestions is more than welcomed.

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