Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinders

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General problems of hydraulic cylinders (1)

Seals lost effectiveness: 
  On one hand, hydraulic cylinder seal leakage. Because seals were wearied after long time working, or the cylinder and rod were wearied. From this point, the seals with best quality is very significant.
On the other hand, hydraulic cylinder creeps. The reasons are the valve is too small, or the designed rod speed of the hydraulic cylinder is slower and flow is small. Even though the valve is fit, the hydraulic cylinder speed is lower than a number will appear this phenomenon. Everybody will consider there is air in the system, and maybe the pump oil has pulsed, the valve control frequency stability is not enough.
 Creep is a frequently phenomenon appeared in hydraulic transmission and it is abnormal. Slight creep will result in machine shakes; this phenomenon naked eye is very in cognizable.  But prominent flow will produce beats and a big distance movement. Creep phenomenon is not a good thing, so it is very important to eliminate creep phenomenon to improve hydraulic system stability and machine tool precision.
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