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Common causes of hydraulic cylinder seal failure

This article wil show the common causes of hydraulic cylinder seal failure,there are lots of hydraulic cylinder seals brand in the world,If you as a hydraulic cylinder maker coose the high quality hydraulic cylinder seals brand,there may would not appear the hydraulic cylinder seals lose efficecy frequently.
How many factors about the hydraulic cylinder seals lose efficacy?Here are analysis reason for the below.
1.Improper installation is the main reason of hydraulic linder seals lose efficacy
The most need to be aware of when installation is: (1)Cleaness (2)To prevent damage,and avoid seal Nick (3) proper lubrication.
To solve these problems is to pay attention to common sense and pay more cautious when during the installation process.
2.System foreignmatter is another reason for the hydraulic linder seals lose efficacy
It is usually consist of some external factors like dirt,sand,dust, and even the ice,and some internal factors such as metal fragments, emulsion, hose or other biodegradable the decomposition of the system components.The best solution mathod is the proper installation for the dust wiper or scraper.And the best avoid method for the internal pollution is the proper liquid filter system.

3.It is very common that the material of the seals appear chemical demage.
The first reason to cause the chemcical demage is choose the wrong material or the change of the hydraulic system liquid.using in mistake or use not compatible materials will lead to chemical corrosion phenomena caused by liquid additives, hydrolysis and REDOX reaction.Chemical attack could cause the sealing lip interface fall off, weakened seals hardness, excessive expansion or contraction cause excessive seal damage. Seal appear color change is one of the chemical attack indexes.
4.Thermal degradation problems
When the failure of seal appear the surface hardness, brittle phenomenon, or the part of the sealing lip or sealing body appear detached phenomenon, then we should consider whether the problem is focus on the hot degradation. Thermal degradation will cause the sealing lip failure, compression excessive corrosion and will seal material.

Common causes of hydraulic cylinder seal failure,If you pay more attention to the protection of the hydraulic cylinder seal,there will make the hydraulic cylinder more useful.

Written by Tina

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